What is Dedicated Hosting?

If you are looking for power, then dedicated hosting will give you all the bandwidth, disk space and speed that you need to host even the largest of websites. Unlike shared and VPS hosting where you are sharing server space with other websites, you have a server all to yourself with this hosting option. Read on to see if this is the best for you. What is it? Dedicated hosting means that an entire server is dedicated to your website. The other hosting options use one server, but they host a number of websites on that server to be more cost-effective.

When you get dedicated hosting, then the host will build a server according to your exact specifications. You can specify the hardware such as the RAM, CPU, hard drive and even the server model. This gives you complete control over the physical side of the server, and there are many advantages to this hosting option. Price While there are some budget hosts available, you will typically have to spend $50 to $100 on a beginning plan.

However, the plans can go up into the thousands depending on your exact needs. Since you specify the hardware and bandwidth, you are in complete control of the price. Advantages of dedicated hosting  are control and power. If you choose a shared hosting option, then there is very little you can control. You are given a control panel where you can add and remove files from your account, but that’s about it. Dedicated hosting allows you to change the OS, get advanced analytics and manage the software updates and installations.

This is also the most powerful hosting option. This is perfect for huge ecommerce stores, enterprise websites and other large websites that stretch the limits of other hosting options. Who Should Use it? Dedicated hosting is only for the most experienced Webmasters that have massive websites and an IT team or advanced technical knowledge. You need to know how to manage a server, or you must hire someone that does. The cost of this hosting option only makes it viable for the largest websites.

Conclusion Dedicated hosting is great if you have a big website but it’s an unnecessary expensive if your website is on the small the medium side. It is also important to know what other people has to say with your dedicated server host. Check some reviews over the internet and see the pros and cons. If you need a powerful and reliable hosting option, then dedicated hosting is the best.

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