Importance Of Reading Hosting Reviews

Before you choose any hosting provider, it is critical that you read hosting reviews, as there is only so much that you can learn from reading a hosting company’s website. Proper research is critical to make sure you learn everything that you can about your prospective hosting company.

The primary reason for researching and reading reviews is the information that a company won’t tell you about their service. It is great if a host allows you unlimited bandwidth, but how much bandwidth do they have upstream to their providers? A related question, and at least as important, is how much bandwidth do the rest of their customers use. Unlimited bandwidth with a hundred gigabit upstream connection doesn’t matter if the rest of the customers are already using 99.99% of that bandwidth at all times, as there’s not going to be much left for your site. Another critical thing you will find in reviews is how responsive their support is. When you do have issues with your site, how long does it take the host’s support team to respond to your issue? If this site is just a private family site or blog, maybe the next day or even next week will be alright, but if this is your company’s revenue generating site, then you want to make sure that the host’s support team responds at least within the next business day, if not even sooner. A host’s site may just say “Quick Support,” but a review can give you real world insight into what quick means.

These are just a couple of examples of things you need to read about. The importance of reading hosting reviews cannot be emphasized too much and can make the difference between a profitable, reliable site and frustration you wish you never setup. So make sure you read as many reviews as possible, positive and negative before you choose a hosting provider.


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